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Think of one thing: You don´t paint any landscapes; you paint colors! The other, the camera is able to do it better.

You present colors! You build on it! Thou exalt! By must master the painting anything but the color subordinated to.

As I once participated first time a watercolor course, we had to take out of the box almost all colors.

There remained only Ultramarine, Indian Yellow and English Red.

Only that we have painted! Everything's Green was just mixed. No White! This provided the paper!

The beautiful White of the paper. English Red quite thinly served with plenty water to paint before.

We learned a large area to present colors as in the ice of the pond, as the peculiar Red of poppies,

as in your flowers, you send me.

We were all expecting to be able to classify one or another color back into the emptied box:

Madder and Zinober for example. Later Black, Siena! How reverently one is to these colors, if you have deprived them. It has also noticed the colors will never consist of the chemical product that comes from the bowl.

You always want to be mixed! In Blue is always a bit Red it (the Blue predominates). The toxic Greens came last, or not more inside.

(From a letter to a young painter)




wastefully amount flourished and loved.

Far too little we know the trees that rustle in underen gardens,

too little we build nests of our dreams, to eavesdrop on flowering.

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